When Did You Last Clean your Child's Car Seat or Pram?

... Last school holidays?  Last time Grandma visited?  Ever?

Who doesn't allow the odd snack or two in the car?

But did you ever wonder where the crumbs and spills went? Take a look (if you dare) - just lift the seat cover and look in the base of the seat, towards the back. Betting there's a few surprises lurking there!

And the little spills? Well they've been soaking into the seat cover and harnesses, along with the sand, sweat and germs from the playground and shopping centre!

Potentially all sorts of bacteria (Salmonella, E-Coli, viruses, etc) could be waiting for little hands to touch the seat (and then their mouths).

In the car seat hire business I've experienced quite a mess after just a few days! But it's not all bad news and it doesn't have to mean hard work for you!

Get your car seat or pram cleaned today!
FREE $39 professional car seat installation included!


I uninstall your seat and replace it with a clean loan seat or pram (just $20 to hire, for as long as I have your seat), and set it up the same as your own

You drive away and get on with your day

I remove all debris and completely wash, clean and steam-sanitise all washable soft and hard surfaces using only gentle and planet-friendly products

I safety-check all elements of the seat and advise you of any issues. If you agree I can replace any "unsaveable" parts such as covers, straps or buckles with new ones

I let you know when your clean, dry seat is ready for pick up and professionally reinstall it!

* Mobile service available,
Replacement parts not included

  • f9f5a77a1ccc47958da70b18f69f39ea 1-2 days

All for only $80

+$20 if you need a loan seat