Please read and agree to our IMPORTANT NOTES FOR HIRE prior to placing a booking with usNon-compliance could forfeit your bond refund.

  1. Brisbane Baby Hire & Install’s (BBH&I) General Terms & Conditions of Hire.
  2. HOURS OF OPERATION/DELIVERY:  Please note our office hours are Mon-Sat 9am-4pm, delivery hours Mon-Sat 9am-2pm.  An appointment is required prior to your arrival at our Bracken Ridge premises due to our mobile service.  Deliveries will be conducted within 1/2hr or as close as possible to your requested order time.  If this cannot be achieved due to our current schedule, we will contact the person expecting the delivery to arrange a suitable alternative.
  3. HIRE CAR INSTALLATION:  We install into all Brisbane Hire Cars except EuropcarProfessional installation is included with your hire, and will be carried out prior to your arrival Mon-Sat from 9.00am.  When you return the hire car you can leave the car seat and any other hired items (and their accessories attached to the items) in the vehicle. Please notify the service desk when you return the keys.  If this is not reported and the car is moved to another site, containing our hired equipment, you will be liable for the cost of collecting the equipment.
  4. BOND: Providing equipment is returned by the due date and in its as-hired condition, bond will be processed within 3 business days of receiving bank transfer information (if paid by bank transfer) or, if paid by credit card or online order, refund may take up to 7 business days, excluding Public Holidays and Weekends due to bank processing times.
  5. CLEANING: A $25 cleaning fee will be deducted per item if returned soiled/stained with bodily fluids, sunscreen, liquid or soft foods without exception.  Please remove all personal items, food, rubbish and excess sand.  It is the Hiree’s responsibility to spot clean any incidents with warm soapy water or baby wipes to remove stain.  If equipment is returned with mould, affected parts will need to be replaced, costs payable by the Hiree at RRP.  DO NOT USE BLEACH - evidence of use (smell/discolouration) will require replacement of affected parts and will be deducted from the bond.
    i)  Please take care to remove valcro or buckled shoes and other accessories such as tiaras, headbands or clips and toys that could cause pulls or damage to car seat fabrics, pram liners, cot/bassinet mesh, linen, etc.
    ii)  We ask you not to wheel our prams on the beach.  Sand destroys the smooth function of the wheels and brake assembly.  Evidence of excess sand in the wheels or brakes requires replacement of damaged parts at cost of the Hiree if costs not covered by the retained security bond.   
  7. RETURN: The Hiree is responsible for returning the equipment to BBH&I in its as-hired condition by the due date.  Overdue fees will be charged at $5 per day per item. If the Hiree requires BBH&I to collect the equipment and a return mobile service was not agreed upon at the time of hire, BBH&I is allowed up to 7 days from being given notice to collect the equipment at a cost of $5 per day plus the Mobile Service Fee.
  8. LOCATION: Equipment is to be returned/collected at the agreed Brisbane location.  We do not travel to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.  All legal fees and other incurred costs of recovering abandoned equipment is payable by the Hiree. 
  9. AIRCRAFT: Hired equipment is not to be taken on aircraft at any time or for any reason, as stipulated by our insurers.
  10. DAMAGE/NON-RETURN: Further to the above, in the event of loss or damage the Hiree will be required to pay BBH&I for the cost to repair or replace the damage, either in part or the entire item if required, at current RRP. Costs of all legal proceedings following unpaid damage or non-return will be borne by the Hiree.  Hire fees continue to be payable until equipment is returned until the next hire period, or overdue fees of $5 per day, whichever is the lesser.
  11. IN CASE OF A CAR ACCIDENT: Please notify us immediately, whether or not a child was in the restraint and we will replace the restraint or other hired equipment as soon as possible. Your car’s insurer will be required to cover the cost of replacing the restraint or other hired equipment if deemed unsafe upon inspection, at current Retail Price to BBH&I.  If your insurance does not cover replacement restraints or equipment in your vehicle at the time of the accident, or you are not insured, these costs are payable by the Hiree to BBH&I by the end of the original hire term. Mobile service fees apply if required.
    PLEASE take particular note of Clause 6 "Damages".  Any damage to fabrics or parts on any hired item is deemed as requiring replacement at the Hiree’s expense at RRP if in excess of the retained security bond.
    AT THE END OF HIRE, please ensure all parts and accessories included with the equipment are kept attached and together to prevent loss.  Where bags are provided, please return items in bags.  if using a Hire Car please leave any equipment (that is not an installed car seat) in the back seat of the Hire Car so it is seen by the cleaners, and inform the hire car service desk when you return the keys that you have left our equipment in it.

We appreciate your business and thank you for taking good care of our equipment -
t helps keeps our prices low for everybody!